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Pharaoh Robinson

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"L.I.C.K." by Pharaoh Robinson (coming Fall 2013)

PREVIEW...this coming Fall 2013

Chapter 1: The Invitation 

Dana and Travis pulled up into the abandoned alley of the warehouse district. The alley was dimly lit with a low rise of underground exhaust steam rising up from manholes. There were the occasional industry lights that hung over large steel garage-like doors. The off-colored, brown and darkened red bricks were sturdy and aged as Travis turned on the pilot light to read the flyer.

“This is crazy. Old as this district is. But, the address was not even on the GPS system.” Travis read flipping the glossy print postcard size flyer over. Club "L.I.C.K." this is the spot. The directions read: blink the head lights three times and wait."

Travis flashed the headlights of his black SUV three times and waited. Unsure of the environment, he kept the car running. Glancing over at Dana in her spaghetti strap cocktail dress, he licked his lips admiring her half perked large nipples pressing against the fabric.

About two weeks ago Dana was checking her Gmail account when the letters L.I.C.K. popped up in her inbox in large bold letters. And in italicized subtext it read "Do not forward you were chosen." The email was the same as the flyer that Travis was holding in his hand. She clicked on the flyer which was a link to a website. The flash intro was very abstract and in your face with a pair of red lipstick covered lips and tongue that dragged across the page in slow motion as the page loaded. Dana was curious, as was Travis, who was glancing over her shoulder. The intro caught his attention from just passing by. The intro finished and the song “Lick” by Joi played. The tour was intriguing, showing well dressed couples and single women and men laughing, dancing, and holding conversation. The word “turn up the heat” appeared and the erotic enticing pictures of the tutorial turned into tempting pictures of women in sexy, tight dresses dancing and grinding each other. The men, pressed against the women, sandwiched in the middle. Dana involuntarily licked her lips at the beautiful women on the page. She had never been with a woman, but she always admired the beauty women like herself possessed. She blushed and bit her bottom lip, as she noticed a picture of a man that resembled a darker bald headed version of Travis. Dana’s pussy moistened as she stared at a dark woman whose skin was shadow black. Travis’ interest was heightened by pictures of a gorgeous red-boned woman with shoulder length hair sucking the bottom lips of a bronzed skin woman who was palming the redbone’s full voluptuous, ass that spilled out of her dress that could have easily originally been intended to be a shirt. Dana smiled at Travis’ expression and reaction to the picture. She pulled his face to hers and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, acting out the still life image.

Dana and Travis both made love that night fantasizing about the beautiful people in the digital promotional pictures. Travis French kissed Dana’s pussy turning his head sideways to kiss her lips as if they were her on her mouth, then pushed it around his face to suffocate himself in her juices. Flashes of the redbone and the bronzed skin woman appeared in her head. She pictured her and the woman kissing each other while Travis swam between her thighs, as she straddled the bronzed skin woman’s face. They both devoured every wave of orgasm her mind brought on. Dana sucked Travis's dick salivating all over it as it repeated tapped the back of her throat. She imagined her mouth was filled with the warm nectar and flesh of a woman. They came together in high and low tones from the power of their unified orgasm. Travis fell asleep semi-hard inside of Dana. They woke up picking up where they left off, bucking against each other's hips as if their orgasms awoke in both of them at the break of dawn, dormant as they had slept.


Dana let out a startled screamed as Travis quickly leaned away from his window, caught off guard by the knock as well. The large midnight, coal-black skinned man stood with a large barreled chest in front of the window patiently waiting for a response. He looked down, towering above the large vehicle, in a pitch black suit that matched his skin.

“Would you like a lick?” the deep bass voiced penetrated the windowed. Dana nodded her head in a wide-eyed "yes". Travis just looked the man up and down with no intent of opening his mouth and breaking a man -law.

"The password please."

"K…C…I…L" Travis replied remembering it from the email.

The large man opened the driver side door and stepped to the side. Travis stood six-foot-two about two hundred and twenty pounds as he stepped out the black Cadillac Escalade. He looked up and nodded.

“Sup. How you doing?”

“How are you doing, Sir?” the larger than life coal black, man responded nodding his head. He then walked around to Dana’s door and opened it as well. He had to be almost seven feet tall with a back like a van.

“Good evening Ma’am?” he waited patiently as Dana cautiously exited the truck looking up at the giant man. He cracked a gapped tooth smile and nodded shutting the door and extending his arm in escort. He escorted Dana around to Travis.

“Your keys, Sir.” He demanded more than asked as Travis dropped the keys in his massive hand.

“I’ll park your vehicle, I’ll be at the front door to retrieve your vehicle when you are ready to leave. Mr. Whou will escort you to L.I.C.K. Enjoy Mr. and Mrs.”

Mr. Whou was about six foot. A well-built half-Asian, half-Brazilian man with bronze tanned skin and shoulder length hair. He was dressed in a white tuxedo and black tank top, which clung to his chiseled chest. The dark sunglasses mad him very mysterious looking. Like the large black man, he extended his arm to Dana. He escorted her and Travis to what seemed to be a dead end. Mr. Chou retrieved a white card similar to a hotel card key and slid it through a screen hole built into the brick wall. The wall receded, then released and opened slowly.

“Baby, you sure about this?” Dana pulled on Travis” suit jacket. “The wall just opened up.”

“We here now, Baby. And weren’t you the one who dared me to come. No turning back now.” Travis whispered nervously.

“Is everything okay?” Mr. Chou asked in a very deep Asian accent.

Travis responded that everything was okay, as they were guided down a white marble staircase with shiny silver railings, that spiraled to the right as they walked down. The sounded of pumping music could be heard louder and louder as they neared the bottom of the stairs. Once downstairs, Mr. Chou walked Dana over to the counter in close trail with Travis on the other side as Dana held him in her other arm.

The lady at the counter was a gorgeous Indian woman with full, arched eyebrows and slanted eyes, she was adorned in a sheer, red, full-length gown. Her nipples protruded from behind the fabric and Dana blinked repeatedly to take in her luscious nipples.

“Miss, you can leave your purse here. Your name please?” The woman waited for a response, also admiring Dana.

“Dana. My name is Dana.” Dana responded handing her purse.

The woman wrote Dana’s name on a piece of red paper in black marker and put it in the side pocket of the purse. She then turned and entered through an unlocked a black door.

Mr. Whou smiled and began giving directions to each floor and what it included. In his thick accent he explained they were on the main floor which was the dance floor. It was considered the “Mingle” floor. There, they were to enjoy free drinks and appetizers of their choice. A waiter handed both Dana and Travis house specials. The orange flavored Martini was delicious. Mr. Whou pointed to the silver elevator and stated that the second floor was the black light floor. The whole floor was black light and space-age in its setting. The ceiling was reminiscent of twilight space with bright stars that rotated.

“If you are in a spontaneous mood I recommend the third floor. The room is simply called L.I.C.K.” Mr. Whou said with a smile.

"There are no clothes allowed on this floor. None." He was stern in his words.

Mr. Whou's black faced, black diamond Jacob’s watch was blinking in red from the inner face of the watch. Without hesitating he spoke and left.

"Excuse me, he is here. I must go. Enjoy."

The song “Little Freak” by Usher came on. Again the crowd went wild. The dance floor filled with gorgeous women and handsome men with half open dress shirts, some were bare chest. Dana’s eyes danced over all the eye-candy that rhythmically roamed around her. Someone grabbed the hand of Dana, it was the dark woman from the website photo. Her hair was flat-ironed jet black with dark honey blonde streaks. Had she not been so gorgeous she would not have pulled the hairstyle off. Her dark royal blue dress hugged her curves splendidly. Her eyes were a deep hazel brown. Dana followed her deeper into to the dance floor, as her nervous heart pounded. Travis smiled and the woman began to dance magnetically on Dana. Her hands glided lightly down Dana’s body. The moment the woman straddled her thigh, Dana could feel the heat of her mound massaging her thigh. Dana stared into the woman’s eyes in awe. The orange Martini had heated her whole body, her nervousness left, as the seductively mysterious woman leaned forward and softly sucked Dana’s bottom lip and signaled Travis closer. She deeply kissed her sliding her tongue in rhythm, Dana’s mouth responded. She had never kissed a woman. Her mouth was warm, yet her tongue and full lips knew how to navigate the succulent moment as if she’d had years of experience.

“That shit is so sexy.” Travis stated in approval which only made Dana embrace the woman even tighter. Travis’ thickness could be felt compressed between Dana's butt cheeks as he seductively talked and kissed the nape neck from behind.

“Grip her ass, Baby. Explore her body.” Then his tongue would dance on her neck elevating her sexual courage. Dana's hands glided down the slopes of this woman’s femininity. She palmed the dark brown goddess’ ass between her fingers. The gorgeous woman then joined Travis, rotating her tongue on the same side that he was already enticing. Dana's attention was momentarily diverted; her body was inevitability floating in ecstasy. She closed her eyes and pulled the women closer, grinding her hot center on the woman's leg and pulling Travis's hardened dick deeper between her cheeks. All else faded as hundreds on the dance floor turned into three.

"Can I take you to the L.I.C.K.? Both of you will be pleased," the woman smiled.

Dana and Travis looked at each other and kissed, then nodded. The woman took both of them by the hand leading them to large, silver, double doors. She then pressed her finger against a small square print reader of some sort. The doors slid open.

The women turned and gave simple instruction. It was the first time she looked serious yet seductive.

"Cross into fantasy and be fulfilled, or simply turn and dance the night away." she said opening both arms to invitation.

Travis and Dana stepped forward and the doors slid closed. Voices of sexual pleasure could be heard, moans, groans, grunts, and screaming orgasms. As some thick, red, silk curtains opened, Dana and Travis’ hearts raced and she squeezed his hand. The woman in the blue dress walked in front and began talking.

"You will see many things, soft bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, threesomes, foursomes, voyeurism, all is a candy land but…" she smiled and stopped.

Dana and Travis were standing in front of a seven foot window that displayed a middle eastern woman riding a well-built white man in reverse cowgirl on a round, black sheeted bed. She was riding veraciously gripping both his shins. Her hair was sweaty and wild. His toes curled. When the woman saw Dana and Travis she smiled and rode faster and got louder. She then leaned back rubbing her clit to orgasm and the vanilla skinned shaft also pumped harder and faster. Dana and Travis were loose-jawed. As the man came, the sandy brown-skinned woman took him in whole and he bucked in climax. With his gooey release oozing from the corners of her mouth onto her hands she sucked and stroked his now-sensitive dick. The woman finished the lifeless, yet satisfied man off. Looking at Dana and Travis and licking her fingers clean, she smiled.

"She cannot see you. But knows you were watching. It's a two-way mirror. Come on you will now take your challenge." The woman said, walking on to the end of the hall again. There were two red double doors this time, which she opened with her print.

"This is scary but exciting, we are new to this." Travis said.

"This, I know. But, you want to be forever, right? You love him?" the woman asked.

"Why, yes. Of course, I do." Dana responds gripping his hands.

"And I love her." Travis said ensuring their bond.

The woman looked at them holding hands, smiled, and walked into the room. It was square shaped with black and gold curtains concealing each side.

The woman stopped them in the middle of the room. They all stood on a large, gold- marbled letter “L” emblem.

"Dana and Travis, you chose from one of these four gold cards. Each card is a sexual fantasy you must fulfill. The way she said it meant there was no option from that point. If you chose not to, you are to never return, ever. It was the first time she was dead serious. Out of nowhere, Mr. Whou appeared standing with a black box containing four gold encrusted cards.

"Turn and chose a card."

Dana and Travis jumped slightly. They had not heard any footsteps behind them. He was just there. The smile Mr.Whou had earlier that night was gone, he had a charming stare but, dead-serious facial expression.

"You may choose. Do not turn around until you have chosen a card." The gorgeous woman gave them a moment.

"Well, Babe, are you ready?"

"I guess, lets pick one."

"We chose the fourth gold card." Travis said. "It's her favorite number"

The woman then spoke.

"Okay. You may turn around now."

She was completely naked. Her body shined a dark, flawless coffee brown. Her nipples hard and large with a gold bar piercing in both. She was truly a goddess; her lips full and eyes almond-shaped. She only wore shiny gold six inch heels with a red bottom and the golden, heart-shaped hair surrounding her thick vertical lips with a protruding clit. Dana and Travis each nibbled their bottom lips at the sight of her.

"You two have chosen the card of Pleasure Voyeurs. You will both be bound, pleased and forced to watch…each other. You have no hands, no legs: only your eyes and imaginations to experience what the other feels." the goddess smiled.

"You two are not to speak again until afterward. Silence is golden," she sucked her index finger.

Two more naked women in red, high heels with red masquerade masks entered the room. One had smooth French vanilla skin with perky pink toned nipples. She was thin but curvy. Her lips were shaven clean. The other woman, a pure contrast with jet black, glistening skin. She looked almost like marble, she was so shiny. Her teeth a deep ivory white. They took Travis by his hand and led him to the open curtains of the room. Dana for the first time that night felt awkward and alone.

Two loin-clothed men appeared and walked toward Dana. Her heart pounded as they appeared from the dim shadows with shiny golden body paint. Her palms were sweaty. They were of magnificent physique from head to toe. The thin, cloth fabric dangled on one thick, ivory dick and one thick, milk-chocolate dick. The shorter, white male had crystal blue eyes and sexy thin lips that peered from behind his black masquerade mask. His manhood was a thick imprint half mast. The bronze, man had wavy shoulder length hair, full lips, and was smiling from under his black mask. His thickness was long and leaning to the left almost visible against his thigh. Dana was more in wonderment than reluctance. She looked at her ring.

"You love him, this is only a fantasy, nothing more. Dive Dana and swim to shore." The goddess encouraged her. The two men hooked their arm in Dana's and led her to the room.

The room was dim. Travis and Dana were both blindfolded as their hearts began to beat with increased speed. They were standing about seven feet apart, yet bound by straps. The straps were applied to the wrists and ankles of each guest. There was a pause. As the curtains opened the entire room was full of mirrors. They were facing each other. The blindfolds were removed. Travis instantly shook his head as Dana was about to speak.

A loud voice in a speaker spoke, "This is L.I.C.K. Here, you will discover what it is like for Eros to lick you. Enjoy and never forget it."

The two women appeared. The two men appeared. The women walked over to Travis. The white and black seductive ladies walked around Travis as his head and eyes followed. The white women traced his chest and descended in front of him dragging her lips and nose against him. Travis shook with anticipation. Dana slightly clinched as waves of jealousy passed through her. She didn’t blink. The white women passed his rising erection and licked his legs, down to his feet and began to suck his toes. Travis clinched his fist as the sensation traveled to his dick. He was hard. He stared at Dana who stared back. Envy and sensual delight wrestling within her. The black woman descended, engulfing his manhood. Travis involuntarily inhaled as the woman with his dick in her throat simultaneously licked his balls. He drifted into ecstasy. Dana saw this drifting and was desirous, horny, and wanted to fight the restraints.

"You are mine," the white male’s deep voice rumbling in her ear made Dana jumped.

"You are mine,” the black male’s deep voice chided in as he licked the her neck on the other side. Dana bit her lip. She stared at Travis who also was being affected by the green-eyed covetous monster, although, a part of him was increasingly aroused at the mere thought. They were in love and war. The white, male specimen began soft sucking Dana's left breast, the black Adonis on the left. Dana's body shook from within.

"She tastes wonderful" the white man whispered.

"She is delectable," the black man savored. The vanilla-skinned man circled behind Dana. Dana’s mixed emotions grew as she watched the black woman gagging and drafting voraciously on Travis. The white woman had engaged his balls in savoring moans. She was about to speak until she felt the white male’s warm tongue enter her anus. She gasped loudly, breaking Travis trance. He spoke.


The voice in speaker spoke.


The black male descended to his knees. Looking over his shoulder at Travis, he smiled, then turn and buried his face in Dana's wet dripping pussy. Tears formed and she fought futilely. She came upon the sheer contact. The power of the moment was too much. She gushed and stared and nutted without words. Travis fought as the white woman tempered him with her finger, anally. The black woman massaged his prostate at the same time sucking the tip of his pulsating manhood. He hummed as waves of fluid exploded in staccato bursts into the woman's yearning mouth which then, sucked even harder. Dana moaned. Travis moaned. Their eyes locked in orgasmic bliss. They felt each other’s gratification as jealousy ventured away.

The men released her ass and wet dripping lips. The women released Travis's body. They all stood and began unloosening the hands of both Travis and Dana.

"You two are only close enough to clinch hands." The voice of the goddess spoke. "But why should you? Touch is of the mind.”

The two men gently placed Dana on the floor, positioning her on all fours with the black male in front. The white, masked man kneeled before Dana's ass. The echo of an ass smack rang out. Dana purred. The light tapping of flesh against flesh sounded off as the white male slapped his thick, vanilla cock against Dana's cheeks. Travis moved forward, the women pulled him down. The white woman sprawled out on all fours in front of him and spread her syrupy wet vagina. The black woman bent him over and force-fed him sweet, pussy juice from the back with her hands on the woman's shoulder. The woman on her knees applied a condom. She assumed her position and slowly backed up on Travis and her drenched chasm suctioned him in.

The white man slid on a gold condom and began dipping the head of his dick in and out of Dana. The tease drove Dana crazy as her mini orgasms came in waves. She wanted more. He slapped and massaged her ass. Travis and Dana locked eyes.

"Fuck me" the white woman spoke. Travis began an aggressive stroke. He stared at Dana as his anger and desire took over, he fucked the woman with loud ass clapping stroke. He looked into his wife’s eyes.

"Fuck me" Dana moaned and stared back. She hated Travis’s pleasure and yet loved him.

The white male gripped Dana’s ass and gave quivering, ass-pounding strokes. The sound of wet pussy and screams from Dana and the other woman could be heard. The black man and woman had disappeared. Travis gritted his teeth and came. The woman quickly turned around and ripped the condom off, and finished him. She sucked his body into a horizontal retreat as he sheepishly attempted running from her. He was left panting on his back. Dana was zoned out as she detonated

"Oh god, oh god, oh, oh, oh"

The hot fluid her from her convulsing spewing pussy decorated the floors from. The man fucked harder wading through her sexual flashfloods. Dana slapped the floor in order to cope with this sensation she felt coursing through every inch of her body. She was looking into Travis’ eyes, reaching out for him. The curtains opened as roars of applause, cheers, “oohs” and “ahhh’s” echoed in the room. Women with open blouses and men with unbuttoned dress slacks had been compelled to indulge themselves in Dana & Travis’s fantasy world. The four gamers of sexual desire and lust lay exhausted. The crowd cheered, chanting, "L.I.C.K."

The Novel "L.I.C.K." by Pharaoh Robinson will be available early Fall 2013!!! Follow the hottest up & coming Erotic Author: Pharaoh Robinson  

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The New Face of Erotic Literature 

Erotica's King
Pharaoh Robinson 

“Erotically eclectic, sensual intoxicating and a sexsensual delight is exactly what the erotic romance short story book “Chokolate” is!”  -Marsha, Florida USA

If men have been labeled self-centered or sensually and sexually selfish, Pharaoh Robinson has truly set-out to dispel that notion with this erotic confectionary of erotic fantasy, lovemaking and romance in his sophomore book: "Chokolate". This is erotic fiction at it's best.
, author 
"Chokolate" is a riveting erotic short story book laced with poetry. The stories are assorted flavors that are pieces of mental confection laced with pure, unadulterated passion and tantalizing fantasy written the way only Pharaoh Robinson can write them.

Young and gifted Pharaoh Robinson, at 33 years old; has a firm grasp on what erotic literature is and where it needs to go. As you read the words in his first book "Sexsensual" and now "Chokolate", therein lays a mature perspective of erotica, delivered with an abstract creativity. A sweet confection for any woman's soul, but Pharaoh's work is masculine enough to draw men in as well. The captivating and unique qualities of Pharaoh Robinson's writings are, that they are "in love" with women.
“Chokolate” by Pharaoh Robinson  is available in eBook and paperback at the following:
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"Blacker The Berry" by Pharaoh Robinson

"Blacker the Berry"

"Blacker the Berry, Sweeter the juice take your tongue and lick her roots..."

Summer of 2000 was a summer to remember. The weather was great. I had just finished my second year of college. My grades came out cool. I maintained my 3.0 grade point average by balancing the late night parties with studying in the early afternoon right before football practice. The highlight of my summer had to be Miss Gina Grayson. Thinking back, she was my summer job…
“Terrance, baby, could you trim the hedges a little lower and empty the grass in the back?”
“Yes ma’am”
“And oh, I have a hot plate ready for you in here when you done, Baby.”
I watched Miss Grayson out of the corner of my eye as her small waist and full ass filled out her jean shorts and swayed side to side. The ninety-eight degree heat didn’t bother me, just the heat and hard-on pressing against my jeans. Good thing my soiled wife-beater covered for me.
Miss Grayson was gorgeous. Her dark skin shined healthy and bright, she had firm legs like she worked out, a flat stomach, and a walk that talked to me without any words.
I cut Miss Grayson’s yard for the better part of my summer - sweating, working, and often fantasizing about me just pleasing her in so many ways. How I would glide my lips and tongue over her Chokolate body. My heart raced as I pictured gripping her small waist and stroking her ass.
After I finished trimming her hedges and emptying the grass, I headed through the side door in the garage. Her house was nice and spacious.
“Terrance, baby, take your shoes off at the door for me.”
“You can come eat in here,” Miss Grayson’s voiced echoed from the kitchen.
Sliding my dirty black Timberland boots off, I admired her beautiful house. It was open without all the clutter that filled my mother’s living room. Her dark brown Italian sofa looked extremely comfortable. I walked along the wall with built in shelves and admired her pictures. Miss Grayson lived alone but there was a picture of her and a man. They looked happy wrapped in each other's arms on what seemed to be a vacation trip.
“You ready to eat?”
“Yeah, you crept up on me.” “Did I scare you, Baby?”
“No just didn’t hear you coming,” I lied. “I should’ve bit you.”
We both laughed and headed toward the kitchen. I sighed as I walked behind her watching her walk, the movement of her hips and luscious ass. I could see the roundness pulling away from the top of her jeans and cupping in deep down at the bottom. Her cropped white tank top revealed her bra holding her grapefruit size breast.
The food looked delicious as I sat down. Looking over the meal I licked my lips at the sight of candied yams, collard greens, a bowl of black-eyed peas, BarBQ ribs, and a piece of golden cornbread. We both sat down paused and then began indulging in the meal. Every bite was better than the first. I gave an appetite-pleasing moan and smiled at Miss Grayson.
“Is it good? She asked.
“Miss Grayson you wasn’t playing. You put your foot in this,” I laughed. “Both feet.”
“Terrance you are crazy. I’m glad you like it,” she laughed.
“I have some peach cobbler in the oven and butter pecan ice cream, for desert.”
“You are for real in the kitchen, huh Miss Grayson? You cook like this all the time?”
I took in her body and bit my bottom lip as she bent over retrieving dishes from the washer. Her blossom into lovely heart shape with full hips expanding.
“Yes, I usually take the leftovers to work for my co-workers.”
“And Terrance call me Gina, okay? You make it sound like I’m an old woman.”
“How old are you Miss…Gina, I mean?”
“You know you not supposed to ask a woman her age, but I am 42 years old.”
“Man…” “Man what?”
“I mean, you look real good. Not just for your age but just good.”
“You trying to make me blush? “No.”
Well you did, and thank you.” “How old are you?”
“I’ll be 20 in August.” I responded wiping the corners of my mouth.
I slowed down my eating pace to catch my breath. I washed down my food with some of her homemade lemonade. Miss Grayson was even more attractive to me now that my stomach was satisfied. She had a gorgeous body and could cook her way to a winning election for Mayor if it was possible. I asked about the man in the picture. It was the first time she didn’t smile. She was short with me and explained the situation in concise, simple terms. They were supposed to get married but he got cold feet. So cold he went on a vacation and never came back.
Gina invited me into her den where her entertainment area was located. She had the perfect sized dark maroon chaise in the corner facing her flat screen TV. She offered me a seat and turned on the TV to ESPN. I watched her walk over to the sofa next to my seat. She sat with one leg crossed under her thigh, and the other leg hung down, showing of her sexy pedicure toes. She caught me glancing and smiled as I darted my eyes back to the TV.
“Excuse me. I am going to get comfortable. The heat was kicking my butt all day.”
She began to remove her bra from under her tank top and threw it to the floor. I watched as her breasts slowly adjusted to their new position. Her nipples pressed against the white cotton... That heat in my pants returned like it was running a sprint. I shifted in the chair to give it space.
“Terrance, how is college? I know all the girls are after you.”
“I had a good year. My grades were good. I didn’t let the girls get to me.”
“That’s good. You have your head on straight. And, you are a handsome young man, too.”
“Now you trying to make me blush.”
“No. But I would make you smile, Terrance” “What do you mean?”
I don’t know how I had missed her now hard nipples stretching her tank top erect. I licked my lips. I felt the unspoken energy and attraction as we made eye contact. She licked her lips and got up. Walking over to me, I watched like she was in slow motion. She gently leaned me back in the leather chaise and straddled me. I caressed her thighs with both hands and massaged her full soft ass cheeks that filled both of my hands. I began sucking her hard nipples through the fabric, leaving wet spots. Her breathing increased as she began removing my tank top. She guided her lips around my ear and sucked my lobes. She then trailed her tongue slowly down the side of my neck. She maneuvred one hand and skilfully unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my zipper in one motion.
“These are in the way. Let me take these off.” “You just sit back and be still, Baby. I got you taken care of.”
She began sensually weaving the jean shorts off her hips. Her true curves came free. So much had been concealed in those jean shorts. I could see that her pussy was clean shaven, her wet full lips and protruding clit glowed. As, I stared, I tried to find my patience. She leaned forward and began licking my chest; French kissing my nipples and moaning as she savoured my body. I had never had this much attention. She schooled me slowly. She licked and kissed her way to the top of my open jeans.
“Hmmm, your lips feel so good.” “Baby, you taste so damn good.”
She pulled only the tip of my dick from my black briefs and swirled her tongue over the tip of my head. She sucked my tip with a massaging motion. She moaned and began removing my jeans. She never removed her mouth or used her hands as she snaked her head slurping my dick deeper in her throat. Lifting my hips and then kicking off my jeans she never lost her rhythm. I tightly gripped both arms of the chair as she bobbed, moaned, and slurped all of me.
“Oh shit…Damn Gina,” I moaned from my lips as my eyes rolled back. My legs shook and stomach tightened as I waved my hips and gripped her head.
“I’m coming…shit…uhhh” I felt like I would pass out.
As she took my dick down to the base with massaging, pulsating, strokes, slurps, and moans, my dick pulsated and jerked in the back of her throat as she took every ounce of me that filled her mouth. The intensity of the orgasm made me push away and try to slide up in the chair, but she followed me and gripped my hip with one hand and ass in the other. She sucked hungrily, and then harder as she moved her head faster.
“Mmm…mmm” came from her full mouth as if to tell me not to run. She sucked my legs stiff and they locked out straight.
Finally, her lips turned my still hard dick loose. Gina had the most seductive look in her eyes. My dick responded by getting harder and it jerked as she looked at it lying across my navel. As she straddled me, I looked at her clean shaven pussy. Her lips were glistening wet and she leaned forward and our tongues and lips danced and twisted in each other’s mouths. Straddling the chair and me, her warm tight lips sucked me into her. Gina groaned and gripped my head with her tongue still in my mouth. Her soft ass rested all the way down on my hips and thighs. I gripped her cheeks and massaged them apart. Our hips rotated in unison as she rocked and bounced. The sound of her wetness could be heard as her pussy glided up and down on my dick. Gina moaned as her hips swayed and bounced faster. She bit her bottom lip and growled passionately as her pussy made squirting sounds. She rode faster and her body quaked on top of me. I placed a firm grip on her ass and fucked her from the bottom, inducing her to multiple orgasms. The squirting sounds and the wet on my belly running down my thighs only inspired me more.
“Shit, Terrance! Oh shit, Terrance! Shit!!” Gina’s breathing was laboured between yells and screams.
I wrapped my arms around Gina and cupped her ass. I laid her on the hardwood floor. With one leg cupped in my arm and the other under her soft full ass I pushed in deep.
“Shit boy. What you trying to do to me?” She questioned.
I ignored the it and began answering her with deep, long strokes. Placing both of her legs on my shoulders, I thrust harder as my dick and hips clapped against her ass. She screamed for me to fuck harder, as her toes curled tight like fist. Her pussy began pulling and sucking at my dick as her legs vibrated and kicked. Gina was lost in her moans. My orgasm met hers as we made and held eye contact. Our moans sung, echoing in the room. I collapsed on her chest. We breathed and lay with no words. Our breaths of satisfaction were holding a conversation all their own.
“Boy, Gina, you are something else.” I laughed. “Blacker the berry…”
“What you say?” Gina asked.
“I said blacker the berry sweeter the juice” as I smiled at Gina.
We both laughed and lay on the floor. This was the start of a summer to remember, and one to never forget.

“Chokolate” by Pharaoh Robinson Available in eBook & paperback at:
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"MIND ME" by Pharaoh Robinson

“Mmmm…mmm....mmmmm"” the startled muffled sounds of desperation were partly muted from Karice’s gagged mouth.

The footsteps were loud and acoustic in the room as she lay with her hands tied. The cool breeze from an open window could be felt drifting across her nude body. Her nipples were submissively erect from the chill of the wind. The room was dark, except for the glow of the street lights, and the moonlight, casting a grayish silver radiance glow throughout the room. The sound of traffic and occasional car horns could be heard in the distance.

“"Tonight is the night Karice. I’ve tried to ask you, to not try and evade me. I will discipline you tonight. You will enjoy this against your own will,”" he said in a deep baritone voice, from across the dark room.

She began to tremble at the thoughts that began to race through her mind. Was this the end? Would she be the five o’clock news? She began to fight the restraints for an escape; the straps were tight around her ankles and wrist. Her body was bound and her fighting was useless.

"“Stop...stop, Karice there is nowhere to run,”" the baritone voice signed.

The footsteps inched closer to her into the light. The dark silhouette stopped short of revealing himself in entirety, giving only the appearance of a well built muscular bald-head man with defined sturdy legs. He was around five foot ten. His breathing was steady and calm. The brown manhood was lengthy and thick in girth dangling half angled to the right. Karice’s eyes were momentarily distracted by the eye-catching sight. He licked his lips while rubbing his hands together.

"“I know you are wondering who I am and what I want. Karice you’'ve been bad to yourself. And I am, well, your sexual regulation.”" He walked out of the shadows with strong defined cheek bones, full lips, and broad naturally arched eyebrows. The man’s skin was porcelain black, so dark the darkness combated his skin color. He as erotic. He was exotic.

Karice’s body grew limp. Her eyes were steady. In this fearful moment she found calmness, a piece of unexplainable stillness. She gazed at his face, at his palatable length and girth, at his strapping defined legs, then reverted back to his stern face. He was not intimidating, but there was no underestimation of the power he possessed.

“"You'’ve fantasized about me."” Walking closer he hovered over her body at the foot of the bed, which was covered in black satin sheets. Her heart raced with anxiety. Her thighs were slick and wet with sweat. The room itself was humid, her body heat rose, and a thick moistness was mounting its arrival between her vertical lips.

She almost closed her eyes and quickly redirected her eyes to his approaching hands. She followed his hands against the rise and fall of her body. Her body was shaking. They glided across her pedicured feet. They were warm and large as he grasped her right foot lifting it to his mouth. He methodically savored each of her toes smallest to largest and back. The man’s eyes never left hers as he savored her feet. A savory groan escaped his lips. Slowly he engulfed all of her toes of her size seven-foot at once. Karice’s low muffled moans were of embarrassment, uncertainty and of pleasure. She couldn’t resist the erogenous zone his mouth had created through her feet. The electricity of pleasure trickled throughout her entire body. Karice watched with almost passionate eyes. She was unaware of the thick cream that began flowing from within her pulsating lips, between her thighs.

“"You’'ve been so unruly in denying me every night,"” he said releasing her foot and licking his lips. “"You hide from me. You hide from yourself - imprisoning the both of us."”

He crawled up beside her. Karice was face to face with his body kneeling next to her. Her heart raced at a relentless pace. Her breast rose and fell repeatedly. He untied her hands bound with black lace underwear panties.

“"If I untie you will you free yourself?”" he stared awaiting an answer.

“"When I untie you, don’t run from me this time.”"

Karice slowly shook her head in an obeying manner; she was not brave enough to move and try to escape. A part of her wanted to flee,and a deeper part wanted to stay. He took her hand.

“"Calm down."” He placed his thickness in her hands. Karice held it, her hand shaking. “"It’s yours, it’s been yours. How does it feel? Stroke it.” Embrace me."

Karice paused looking up at the uncompromising brown eyes. His eyes told her this was not a request but a demand. Karice began softly stroking his large manhood. His head was large and smooth. He felt hot and ridged. She could not fully embrace his thickness. Secretly Karice salivated from her gagged mouth, soaking the underwear that bound her mouth.

“"He will be your discipline stick tonight. You have no control over what I will do to you, none."” He removed her hand and took his hot dick and slid it across her cheeks and lips. She momentarily closed her eyes. His body heat warmed her cheek. Karice vertical lips twitched with sensation and hunger.

“"You have been so wrong to yourself,"” he said tracing his manhood back and forth. "“I will correct this, this sexual miseducation. You will never forget me. I will forever be accessible. I am your sexual necessity.”"

Karice was entranced by this man, his words, his physical being and the unknown. She simply nodded as he spoke.

“ He took off the red lace panties that bound her mouth. He stared at her. Karice stared back.

“"Take me… and lose yourself."” The command was calm and guiding.

Karice still lying on her back leaned her head to the side. She took the tip of his thick head with her tongue into her watering mouth and clenched her thighs. Her eyes faded back, and then shut, as she sucked slowly. The traffic noise went mute. She took him deeper as saliva drizzled from the corner of her mouth. He leaned forward. He parted her thighs, pulling her legs apart and under his arms positioning himself directly over her. His warm lips sucked each vertical lip with perfect pressure. He slurped at the thick cream juice that flowed from Karice’s body. She clenched her toes tight. She grabbed his hips, pulling him deeper into her throat.

“"You taste like you always do,”" he said burying his lips and tongue hungrily into her. “"You taste heavenly every night.”"

Karice was trying to decipher the meaning of his words, they had never met. Karice’s body began to quake as he French kissed her pussy and massaged his finger into her wet ass. He pumped his large dick in and out her mouth as she slurped and screamed. She bucked and clenched her toes feverishly exploding. He stroked her pulsating ass with his middle-finger and gulped the flow of the orgasmic fluids from her lips. Karice began to tap and then slap his thighs involuntarily. Scratching his body in submission, to no avail, as she exploded again having to release his dick and scream.

"“Oh God, oh God, Oh my, oh ma!"…” Karice squealed and held her breath as her body lost control and erupted again. “"I can’t...I can’t...I’m coming …I’m coming …I’m coming,"” she screamed!

He finally set her pussy free and positioned his body between Karice’s legs.

"“This is just the beginning,”" he said slapping her thighs holding his inflexible dick steady. "“Set yourself free Karice. And don’t use your hands. Let your pussy find its way to me."”

Karice complied lifting her hips up to his waiting manhood. She parted her saturated lips with his head. Karice watched her pussy slide up and down on him. Each time she licked her lips in amazement at the wet glazed icing that grew thicker with each stroke. She was finding every sweet spot she never knew she had, she came. The sopping sound of her deprived pussy clenched with satisfaction. Mentally, she was in a state of orgasm and the eruption was when her body would catch up with her mental state multiple times over.

"“Turn this unruly pussy over. Fuck me until you find yourself.”"

Never had curse words sounded so sensual, commanding and needed. Karice rolled over on her knees, pressing her breast to the sheets, arching her ass up. She waited anxiously for him and spread her cheeks.

The presence of one stroke, subdued everything sexual she thought she knew. “Oh ma….” Karice gripped the sheets and came, hard. He held it deep. Leaning over her back to her ear, he didn’t move directly, but with muscular control he made his dick pulsate and move inside her.

"“Never deny me.” He soft sucked her ear. “Never refute me. This dick or your body'’s need...for me.”" With each syllable he would pulsate his dick and Karice’s body would shake with minor orgasmic eruptions.

He leaned up and gripped Karices’ ass, parting her cheeks and stroking her pussy in methodic rhythm. The way he knew her body and controlled her orgasm, scared her. She clenched her sheets, then bit them and buried herself in orgasm- in them.

"“Stop fighting me, and let go, completely go,”" he moaned as he gripped the back of her neck firmly. “"Yes, mind me. Make this pussy mind me. It will always do what I want.”"

He stroke in hard staccato burst that made Karice ass clap against his skin. She was awe struck, the sound of her body’s involuntary response. She gritted her teeth to the grinding sound that could be heard in her head. In sexual reflex she back bucked. She couldn’t scream. The sobbing she heard in her head was her own as she cried and repeatedly spouted liquid climaxes. This out of body experience rendered her helpless. Only a face drenched with tears and sobbing could be heard.

“"Please don’t, don’t stop. Don’t ever leave don’t ever take it out."…” Karice sobbed repeatedly.

For the first time her cries brought her back to reality. She was lost in the sexual authenticity of the moment. Karice’s body bucked and screamed as she fought with the sheets of her beds. Her face was drenched. She opened her eyes moaning and grabbing at her fingers lodging deeply in and out of her pussy. They pumped like hydraulics as she came and trembled staring at her ceiling fan spinning slowly.

"“Oh my God! What is this?” Her body was shaking. “What am I doing?”"

Her bed sheets were soaked. She removed her shaking hand and fingers coated with her orgasm, sticky between her fingers. Fluid ran down her hand. She gazed at her shaking legs opening them to see her sheets glazed with thick cum. She dropped her head back in awe.

“"A dream? Oh my God. A dream? Are you fucking serious?”"

Her mind ran as she caught her breath. She sighed and paused. She remembered the man. His body, his voice, his words, his dick. She looked around.

“I’m going crazy.”

She gasped at the sight of her red laced panties tied in a knot and two more black pair lying next to them.

“What is this?” She was mystified and confused. “Look at my bed, my sheets.”

They looked as if they had been vandalized with water. They were wet, wild and sticky clinging to her body.

Karice laid back and recollected her dream. Clear as day in the back of her head. His voice rang out. "“Karice don’t ever forget me. Remember me. Mind me.”"

She closed her eyes; her hands roamed, and she began to mind herself.

~~~from the book "Sexsensual" by Pharaoh Robinson~~~ 
Twitter: Pharaoh78
Facebook: Pharaoh Robinson
Pharaoh Robinson's website:

©2011 Sexsensual,Pharaoh Robinson Inc.

Dirty Diana from the book "Chokolate" by Pharaoh Robinson

Tonight,  I decided  to never again hide “her”.  I will release her and hope he will not judge me or run from me.  I will force him to accept this piece, this intricate part of me I buried deep inside. I played the homely wife for so long. I will never again after tonight, hide myself.”  – Dirty Dana

            “Help! Somebody help me!” Michael’s breathing was deep and full of the unknown. His breathing was laced with fear.  He struggled against the restraints that were secured around his wrist and ankles binding him to what seemed to be a chair. The blindfold was tight around his eyes; he could only see the extremely dim lighting of what seemed to be the fireplace.
            “Help! Why the hell am I naked! What the…,” inquired Michael’s baritone voice.
            “Who’s there? Who are you?”  Michael questioned. 
“Calm down Michael. It’s ok, Baby. I need you to just relax.”
The click-clack of her heels neared from behind.  Michael’s head swiveled to follow and find the direction from where the approaching heels were coming.
            The voice echoed carrying into the room.  Her near-naked body was laced only with a silk white robe and black high heels.  Slowly, she dropped the robe as if he could see her and began to admire her rising nipples one by one.  The slurping sound could be heard as she savored her own plump nipple that sagged slightly back into place each time and moaned. She traced her nails across his head slowly, palmed his cheeks and then slowly dragged her nails down his neck and chest, then caressed his long ‘half-mast, high-anxiety filled’ dick.
             “I had to do it this way. I want…. and need you to understand me.” The woman stated as she licked her lips and freed her jet-black silk mane that flowed effortless to the middle of her back. Her coal black skin defied midnight and glimmered with oiled curves.
            “Kara is that you?  What the…what is this shit?” The curiosity rose in his nervous voice. “Why the hell am I tied up and naked in a damn chair? Where am I? What is this about? You better…”
            The slap silenced him immediately,  knocking the rest of the sentence and thought from his head. She gripped his cheeks and told him,  “Listen you are in my world! Do you understand?...
            She continued, “This is about me, Baby.  I have to give, or should I say, 'show' you someone. Now, you need to be a good boy, you may just like her, maybe.”
She was leaning in his ear. Her voice was different; intense, controlling and seductive. (She took his earlobe into her mouth with her tongue.
            “Show me who? What’s wrong with you? You need to talk to me, Kara!”
            The crackling of the fire was the only sound filling the room.  Her nipples were hard. The occasional caressing sensation only erected them more.  The slick nectar pooled inside her thighs as she moved around him.  Her heels clicked and clacked against the hardwood floors.
            There was a momentary silence.  Kara slowly straddled her husband’s legs and began to massage her clit slowly.  Moaning, she took the wetness on her fingers and traced his lips once more. She took her finger and sucked the remaining juices into her throat savoring her taste. When he licked his lips, she slapped his face hard. It echoed throughout the room.
            “What in the hell was that for? Shit!” Michael steamed and fought against his restraints. He bucked his hips to no avail.
            “Awww, you don’t like it? Or, should I say 'her'?” Kara snickered, gripping his face with her left hand and his hot warm manhood in her right… enough to take control.
 “She gets better…  You’ll see.”
            She dragged the flat of her tongue across his cheeks and kissed him deeply… forcefully dancing her tongue into his mouth. The kiss calmed him momentarily. The confusion and shock seemed to take his body.  Kara caressed his now fully hard dick with her hand and stroked it.
            “Yes, relax this will be painless. Unless you make it otherwise.”
            “You… you not going to hurt me are you…, Baby?” his anxiety-stricken voiced asked.
An evil grin surfaced over Kara’s face as she stared at her helpless lover.  Her pussy pulsated at the power she had imposed on his six foot four Adonis-like brownish bronze frame.  Ignoring his plea, she released his face. Bending down, she snarled with an animalistic sound as she took him in whole, her tongue against his scrotum and slurped up. She drooled and sucked leaving the tip of his dick with a pop from her lips as she moaned.  Again she straddled him looking down at her saliva-drenched work. Michael stared up at her with the blindfold on like he could see.
            “You don’t even like doing that.”
            “I don’t but she does. You just never let me do it her way.” Kara said massaging her clit and tasting herself.  Her hips moved and vibrated, as she got louder.
“I hid her.” She moaned, removed her hand and sucked her fingers clean.  “I kept her away from you.” She she said and sopped her fingers hungrily again.
“Hid who? Who, Baby?”
“I hid her all this time, thinking you would…” Kara groaned.
“What the hell? What is that?”
“It’s her. It’s all her!”
The hot fluid spewed across Michael’s chest, sprayed  his face, and ran down his legs. He could feel her vibrating body as she shrieked and release the warm fluid all over him again.
“What the…is that piss? This is crazy!”
“Don’t fucking judge me.” 
The sting from her hand reverberated shutting his words off midsentence again.
“Don’t ever judge us again. No, that was her. Talking to you, saying everything I have always wanted to and held back.”
Kara’s legs collapsed and sat straddling her husband. She gripped his head and shook him.
“I love you. She loves you. But you have to learn to let us be…and love us.” She licked his cheek slowly and whispered.
“Each and every time I come it will be like this. We squirt, our orgasms are not normal, but we are Learn to love it.”
She pressed her breast against his wet chest. Michael's manhood was still throbbing, his mind was perplexed.
She gripped his fever pitch dick and, with her other hand, she traced his lips with her juices. She stared down into the blindfold as if she were staring into his eyes giving him a false sense of impunity.  She then kissed him deeply working her tongue in her husband’s mouth which emitted more arousal. He wanted to retreat, but he was completely consumed by the event taking place that moment. Her actions and words had complete control over him, but he still wanted answers.
Kara descended to her knees and pulled Michael’s hips to the edge of the chair and gazed at him while doing so.
“You will enjoy this maybe” She smirked.
Kara stared at Michael’s dick licking her lips. He stared wondering what was to come next. He was quiet. He was tamed.  Kara covered his dick with her mouth winding her neck ever so slowly enjoying his thick hard meat in muffled growls. With his manhood still engulfed in her throat, she worked her tongue against the base of his shaft and upper portion of his balls.  Her mouth watered releasing her saliva from the corners of her mouth. She took her free hand and began massaging his hardened prostate with her fingers.  Finally, she pulled her head up gasping in enjoyment.
“You taste delicious, so thick… so long.” She panted not bothering to wipe the flowing juices from her glazed mouth.   
Without warning she slid down again.
“Oh shit!” slipped from Michael’s lips again.
As she slurped viscously at her husband’s dick, her fingers moved up and down against his prostate.  Gripping his hips she pulled him to the edge of the chair. She pulled away licked her middle finger and pressed it against his rectum.     
“What are you --?” He feared her but was drawn into her; into this other woman that had been hidden inside his woman’s body.
Kara shut off her husband’s words midsentence once more, consuming his manhood in one swallow.  This time, long stroking it until the tip dangled from her lips, pushing her finger half way in his anus.  Michael arched his back in violation and in pleasure. As she engulfed him again she slid her finger ever so slowly further in. This unknown, never before felt sensation was a sexual breach, yet uncharted territory.
“Oh 'ma' God!” Michael dropped his head back in sexual confusion.
Kara worked her head with tremendous fervor as if her life depended on her husband’s dick. She gagged herself until her eyes watered. Michael’s body began to vibrate against her mouth as it continuously salivated with no abandon. He saw that her whole face was soaked. He could hear the beat of his heart in his own ears: words he formed that didn’t make sense in his head. Kara removed her mouth and kept stroking her finger in and out of him.
“You like it.” She snickered wiping saliva from her chin.
“No, I don’t. I don’t.”
“Yes! I do!”
Diana gripped his dick in one hand stroking it, and massaged him anally with her other. He nodded in submission to the climax that was building.
Kara fondled just the head of Michael’s dick with her tongue this time as he groaned pressing himself deeper inside her throat penetrating new places of climax.He began bucking into Kara’s mouth, her eyes watered. Painted tears of bronze mascara etched her face.  She wouldn’t pull away or release his manhood from her throat. She had to release her, Diana had to be free. Her body, like Michael’s, was present, but her mind was off somewhere deep in the realm of passion and pleasure.  Her orgasm was purely cerebral, brought on by the immense satisfaction of her husband’s moans and uncontrollable foreign dialect that made no sense but was clear in connotation.  Kara screamed and sucked simultaneously. Her body lost control and spewed juiced in a stream down her butterfly-motion moving legs. Michael’s orgasm was a powerful experience as he released a thick, watercourse of fluid from his pulsating dick down her throat. Michael’s hips jolted in disjointed movements against the restraints, shaking as his toes curled and popped. Kara savored all she could and what she couldn’t, flowed from the corners of her mouth down her chin as she swallowed her accolades.
“You taste so good, Baby. We like you. We love the way you taste.” Kara said with a glazed face. She left nothing to the chance of hitting the floor as she took her fingers, wiping her chin then savoring the juices from her fingers.
“Kara never swallowed or would do this.” She smirked.
Michael’s head dropped down in mental exhaustion. The energy of his orgasm had sap him. He panted; no words. Just breathed . He looked up no longer confused, simply in awe by what had just taken place. All his questions had been answered. She finally removed the blindfold from his eyes so that he could see.
“I’m sorry if I never saw who you were, or made you feel like you could not be you. All of you.” he stated bewildered at his own epiphany in the moment.

            “I will leave you now my love. And anytime, and I mean anytime, you want to meet her.” Kara said, taking her hand and rubbing her clit, then tasting herself. “We will be here all night, just call out “Dirty Diana.”
            “Just be naked in that chair sitting waiting and asked for Diana…Dirty Diana.”
“She will be there in charge and coming to take you there…”  Kara breathlessly mouthed as she sauntered away.
“Kara? Are you going to untie me?” Michael asked still sitting there in the dark in front of the fireplace. His body glowed with a slick coat of sweat.
Kara sighed and let her hair down and continued walking upstairs. Her long, sexy, curvy silhouette in stride.

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Marvin's Room: Fed Up Boyfriend

Marvin's Room: Fed Up Boyfriend

The next time he call let me answer the phone, and say
She den’ found better, stop whining, 8 page letter, No Aliyah
No she’s not coming, just like when she was with you, not coming
Now from me she seems to keep running,
and screaming she can’t stop coming
Men like you got no pride, wonder why women keep backing away,
they see feminine insides, look at your DNA, you written in bitch
I’m just staying, fuck you nigga, she den found better,
that was real talk I hope your homeboys heard that
Now I’ll starting hating as soon as you stop faking, never that
I’ll just keeping taking her to places so deep, I am the abyss in this,
too far for her to look back and the only time she looks back
is when I'm hitting from the back
Now she den found a good guy, with a lil bad guy, lovin her gentleman thug
Love it when she bite the sheets, look back and say go HAM
Now you was just calling, I was just pleasing
I make love to her mind, then she touches herself
She just came I hope didn’t hear that, no I hope you heard that
We had sex four times and that's just today
Yesterday we found out something new
she pushed me off and said she was about to spray

Love to the see the expression up on your face
So you should just move on…and fuck you nigga,
this is Marvin, so save yaself or kill yaself and move on
She den found, I do it better, now get off the phone
and watch me work in the video sent to your iPhone